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What to see in Morocco !

Morocco suntours

What To Do in Morocco !

Morocco is quite an amazing country to explore. It is a country that is much more than the souks of Marrakech, with plenty of things to do in Morocco and different landscapes outside of the city itself.

Between the preserved Atlas Mountains, sleeping in the desert of Merzouga, seeing the red arches of Legzira and visiting the blue village of Chefchaouen – you will be spoiled for choice. And if you want to go to Morocco, contact us for more details.

Because there’s nothing better than tapping into local resources and knowledge to get to know a country better, we asked our local expert to tell us about the must-see sites you shouldn’t miss in Morocco.

“We can’t say all about this beautifull country in just one post,we will come back for an other post.”

Marrakech, the unmissable Red City


Marrakech needs little introduction. It is probably the most famous city in all of Morocco (at least internationally). Be sure to explore the markets and souks for some great finds. Admire the magnificent Majorelle Garden, visit the Ben Youssef Medersa, the El Badi Palace and stroll through the Bahia Palace.

A word of caution about the snake charmers you see on the streets, often snakes are wild caught and some even have their mouths sewn up and fangs removed (so they can’t harm you).


Enjoy The amazing Sahara and Take a walk in Aït Benhaddou Kasbah


It would be impossible for me to talk about the essentials of Morocco without mentioning the Sahara desert. In Morocco, it is divided into two distinct areas: Zagora, the driest desert, and Merzouga, known for its impressive dunes (some can reach 150 meters in height!).


Contrary to what you might think, there are actually a lot of things to see and do in the Moroccan desert. Let me, for example, show you the Draa Valley where I will take you to meet the Berbers in the kasbahs and small isolated villages. We will also be able to attack the Dadès valley, renowned for its absolutely splendid gorges and its dwellings which blend in with the rock. And then, another favorite that I will be happy to share with you: the Todra gorges. Go there in the early morning, when the rising sun makes the ocher rock blush under a fiery sun. The spectacle of nature at its peak.

Essaouira, the Moroccan Saint-Malo


Essaouira takes its nickname of Moroccan Saint-Malo from the ramparts that surround the old city. With its facade open to the Atlantic and its all-white medina listed by UNESCO, it simply has nothing to do with Marrakech! And that’s also why I find it interesting to visit these two cities during the same trip. Here, in Essaouira, it is rather calm and tranquility that reign supreme. The city attracts artists from all over the world who come to enjoy the very special atmosphere of the old Mogador.


I often like to say that Essaouira somehow embodies the soul of Morocco. It is impossible not to notice the various historical influences that have gradually shaped the city which, after having belonged to the Berbers, passed into the hands of the Phoenicians, Romans and Portuguese. It is a plural city that I invite you to discover here. If the charming white houses with blue shutters will probably remind you of Greek landscapes, the ramparts surrounding the city since the 18th century will undoubtedly remind you of Brittany. And then, with its narrow streets lined with riads and its typically oriental architecture, you won’t forget for a second that you are visiting one of the most typical cities of Morocco!

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