Morocco Sun Tours  provides you by the best of Holidays in Morocco to discover the country’s rich cultural history while staying with family and friends in a world-famous hotels or charming private riads.we select for our guests famous Morocco Tours and adventures among Moroccan nature and culture.We organized private tours , small groups and big groups to explore the most popular sights at a comparatively low price. Apart from professionally guided sightseeing activities, you will have free time to explore on your own and discover more about ancient cites, busy towns and colorful local markets. To get started planning your astonishing trip, explore our scheduled safaris, then select the amazing trip for you.

A highly experienced team of qualified staff, at your disposal, to allow you a deeper understanding, and to live a different Moroccan life style, with rich customs and rituals.

We always know what services to provide, because our highly skilled team use their expertise and perfect understanding of your requirement to find exactly the right solution to dig a little deeper and discover the local way of life, where the landscape evolves from dramatic craggy valleys to the winding streets of ancient medina.

Booking with our company will allow you wonderful experiences and the opportunity to explore Moroccan culture.

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WELCOME TO THE trekkings


day trips

WELCOME TO THE day trips

The ultimate trekking circuit

Completing a splendid circuit trek of Mount Toubkal (4167m) and including the opportunity to climb…

10 Days

Draa Valley

Draa Valley Trekking OVERVIEW Formed by the Draa River as it flows south to the…

8 Days

Atlantic Coast Camel Trek

Atlantic Coast Camel Trek DISCOVER THE WILD SHORES OF THE ATLANTIC OCEAN Morocco is the…

8 Days

A spectacular long weekend

A spectacular long weekend climbing the highest peak in Morocco Toubkal Holiday Overview (suite…)



  •   قام عزيز بعمل رائع كقائد للجولة خلال الرحلة إلى قمة MT Toubkal في يونيو 2017. لم يكن لدي اختيار أغسطس 2017 لأنه كان أحدث خيار.

    thumb tom s
  •   We had an amazing experience with our leader Aziz, his local knowledge has incredible, our tour was well organised and nothing was any trouble for Aziz.

    thumb Tony C
  •   There was nice trip around Morocco. All our wishes was accomplished. Very nice guide Aziz was very helpful and cared about everyone. Shared a lot of usef info about his country.

    thumb Andrius R
  •   I loved Morocco - It really surprised me. But what really made my experience what it was? Our local guide Aziz. Caring, fun and full of stories, history and local insider knowledge. He was very laid back and it felt like I was travelling with...More

    thumb kazbrown2014
  •   لقد البالغين، لقد كان الوقت السحري في المغرب. رحلتنا متضمنة رحلة جبل أطلس، ليلة فى الصحراء، إلى جانب زيارة المدينة الساحلية الساحرة. عزيز كان رائعاً - دراية، المختصة. إنه القفز من Van لشراء لنا الطازجة والتين أو أخبر السائق سحب الطريق حتى يمكننا التقاط الصور...والماعز وتسلق الجبال. حتى أنه أقمت حتى 3:00 صباحا إلى بعض رجعت النقل إلى المطار رحلة طيران مبكرة. أفضل رحلة الاطلاق تناقش. المزيد

    thumb kmprice1904
  •   Aziz did a fantastic job as the tour leader during the hike to the top of MT Toubkal in June of 2017. I had t select Aug 2017 because it was the latest option.

    thumb tom s
  •   Can honestly say Aziz is the best tour guide I have ever had! The knowledge and passion Aziz showed for his country was amazing. Aziz knew how to handle large groups and always assured everyone was safe and the tour flowed properly. Unfortuently on my...More

    thumb Ruby F